Summit Place is a classic example of urban adaptive re-use. This building was developed by the Whitnall-Summit Development Company on the former Allis Chalmers Campus. Allis Chalmers manufactured some of the world’s largest machinery at this location and enjoyed great success as it filled countless mills, mines and factories around the globe. The building retained much of this industrial aesthetic from the past and provides abundant natural light, historic brick, structural steel with hundreds of linear feet of skylights. The addition of windows and mechanical systems brought the building up to modern standards. To tie the complex together, a four-story addition with a four-story atrium was constructed to provide circulation space and a modern entry to the converted office space. Summit Place Office Complex encompasses 650,000 rentable square feet of office space designed to meet the needs of tenants who desire a functional, flexible and value-driven location.

With approximately 2,500 people working at Summit Place, it has improved with numerous amenities which make employment here convenient. These amenities include a full-service café, pharmacy, full-service salon, fitness center with sauna & locker rooms, and much more! Upon completion of the building, Summit Place won several awards including West Allis Chamber of Commerce, Small Business Times, Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce, The Milwaukee Business Journal and several others. This legacy provides a myriad of opportunities to create a signature, working environment, which is unmatched anywhere else. This is more than a workplace; it’s where inspiration lives.